We provide IV therapy and lab services.

We have medical lab technicians who work in a clean, safe, and private laboratory for clinical or research purposes. Our licensed MLTs perform routine testing in fields such as chemistry, microbiology, coagulation, and immunology to study, predict, and prevent patient conditions through the collection of data, quality control, instrument maintenance, or sample handling and testing.

IV therapy is an infusion treatment that transmits fluid medication or blood through the veins. A licensed healthcare practitioner or physician performs IV Therapy for patients who are not able to acquire a sufficient amount of nutrients (fats, vitamins, etc.) including anesthetics, amino acids, or dextrose orally or enterally.

IV therapy maintains the electrolyte and fluid balance in the patient’s body. We follow agency regulations for legal and safety aligned to OSHA, CDC, JCAHO, NIOSH, and HIPAA.

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